Smoothly manage
your databases

Version, run, rollback, and discard migrations for one or multiple databases with no conflicts across teams.

Supercharge your data
engineering workflow.

Generate SQL migration files Enterprise Edition

Generate up and down migration files on the fly within a single command line.

$ blacksmith generate migration \
  --name add_email \
  --path ./warehouse/migrations

Run migrations Enterprise Edition

Apply migrations for one or multiple databases at the same time.

$ blacksmith migrations run \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(snowflake)" \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(mypostgres)"

Rollback migrations Enterprise Edition

Rollback migrations down to a timestamp in case previous changes don't match your requirements.

$ blacksmith migrations rollback \
  --version 20200930071321 \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(snowflake)" \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(mypostgres)"

Discard migrations Enterprise Edition

Discard migrations while rolling them back if you wish to ignore them once and for all.

$ blacksmith migrations rollback \
  --version 20200930071321 \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(snowflake)" \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(mypostgres)" \

Migrations are only one of the data
engineering components.

ETL with Go

Extract, Transform, and Load any kind of data across systems with Go, "the language of the Cloud".

TLT with SQL

Transform & Load data across databases with a Pythonistic approach applied to SQL.

Databases migrations

Version, run, rollback, and discard migrations for one or for multiple SQL databases.

Data engineering with Blacksmith

Data engineering
delivered at your scale

Blacksmith comes in two Editions to give you the flexibility to operate reliable data engineering solutions at your scale.