Blacksmith for data management

Transform & Load data across databases with a Pythonistic approach applied to SQL.

Supercharge your data
engineering workflow.

SQL with Pythonistic powers

{% if order %}
INSERT INTO orders (id, amount, user_id, created_at)
    '{% ksuid %}',
    {{ order.amount | floatformat:2 }},
    '{{ user.id }}',

    {% if order.created_at %}
      '{{ order.created_at }}'
    {% else %}
      '{% now "2006-01-02 15:04:05" %}'
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}
Discover SQL template syntax

Migration management Enterprise Edition

Versioning and migrating database schema is difficult, especially if there is more than one engineer working on the code base. Organizations can run and version database migrations smoothly with no conflicts across teams.

$ blacksmith migrations rollback \
  --version 20200930071321 \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(snowflake)" \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(mypostgres)"
Learn more about migrations

Running operations

Execute statements against any SQL database within a transaction for managing analytical operations.

$ blacksmith run operation \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(mypostgres)" \
  --file "./operations/demo.sql" \
  --data "./data/somedata.json"
Read guide about running operations

Running queries

SELECT data and download returned rows into CSV and JSON files.

$ blacksmith run query \
  --scope "destination:sqlike(mypostgres)" \
  --file "./queries/demo.sql" \
  --csv --json
Read guide about running queries

Built-in dashboard Enterprise Edition

Blacksmith Dashboard
The Blacksmith Dashboard enables organizations to have a complete view of their data flows.

TLT is only one of the data
engineering components.

ETL with Go

Extract, Transform, and Load any kind of data across systems with Go, "the language of the Cloud".

TLT with SQL

Transform & Load data across databases with a Pythonistic approach applied to SQL.

Databases migrations

Version, run, rollback, and discard migrations for one or for multiple SQL databases.

Data engineering with Blacksmith

Data engineering
delivered at your scale

Blacksmith comes in two Editions to give you the flexibility to operate reliable data engineering solutions at your scale.