blacksmith migrations run

This command runs acknowledged migrations by executing their up logic.


$ blacksmith migrations run \
  --integration warehouse

1 migration to run for warehouse:
  - 20210809135841.init.up.sql (new)

Blacksmith will run the migrations as shown above. Do you confirm?
Only 'yes' will be accepted to confirm.
> yes

Executing migrations:

  -> Executing 20210809135841.init.up.sql...

Required flags

  • --integration [integration]: Integration to run the migrations for. In the following example, the migrations for the integration warehouse will be run.

    Aliases: -i [integration]


    $ blacksmith migrations run \
      --integration warehouse

Optional flags

  • --version [time]: Time representation up to which the migrations shall be run. In the following example, every migrations up to the version 20210422135835 (including) will be run, ordered by version from oldest to newest.

    Aliases: -v [time]


    $ blacksmith migrations run \
      --integration warehouse \
      --version 20210422135835
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