Data engineering

Configure your data engineering platform from end-to-end within a few clicks.

Environment variables


Configuration files

The server doesn't need a lot of configuration. As of now, we voluntarily expose no configuration but the host to bind. Our goal is to simplify networking, scalability, and security as much as possible so end-users don't need to worry about those. This may change in a near future depending on the feedback received.

The server is a Temporal server and exposes ports as follow:

  • pprof: 7100
  • service frontend: 7200 for gRPC, 7300 for membership
  • service matching: 7201 for gRPC, 7301 for membership
  • service history: 7202 for gRPC, 7302 for membership
  • service worker: 7203 for gRPC, 7303 for membership