Self-managed data engineering platform

Your data, your rules — from end-to-end.

Handle SQL migrations with Blacksmith

A unique tool for software
and data engineers.

Invincible ETL / ELT

Extract, Transform, and Load any kind of data across any kind of systems with confidence.

Discover ETL / ELT

Alternative to Airflow, Fivetran, Singer, Meltano, Stitch, ksqlDB, etc.

Databases operations

Load & Transform data within multiple SQL databases leveraging the native dialect of each one.

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Alternative to dbt.

Databases migrations

Version, run, rollback, and discard migrations across multiple SQL databases.

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Alternative to Liquibase, Flyway.

The shift to increasing trust and
ownership of your data.

Unreliable data workflows
Traditional data engineering approach
Traditional approach:
  • Locked-in SaaS scope with no flexibility.
  • Splitted across systems with no consistency.
  • One-way data flows from sources to destinations.
  • Confusing or misconfigured job reliability.
  • Poor management of data schema changes.
Consistent data engineering
Data engineering with Blacksmith
Blacksmith approach:
  • No vendor lock-in, low-code, self-managed.
  • Unique, consistent, multi-tenant platform.
  • Bidirectional data flows between systems.
  • Unified job and retention management.
  • Versioning code alongside database migrations.

Meet your organizational and
legal requirements.

Any system

The flexibility brought by Blacksmith allows engineering teams to leverage the technologies they already use.

Any infrastructure

Blacksmith works on any machine and any cloud to respect organizational and technical requirements you might have.

Predictable pricing

The Enterprise Edition is a monthly or yearly subscription at a fixed price with no hidden costs.

Deep integration with the
Elastic Stack.

APM observability with Blacksmith

Data engineering
delivered at your scale

Blacksmith comes in two Editions to give you the flexibility to operate reliable data engineering solutions at your scale.